Salsa, Cindy, and Silliness

I actually tried to put up this post last Thursday, but forgot my password.

Finally, after what was apparently four months of dancing downtime, I managed to go out dancing. I tried to go out on Tuesday, but when I got to Esteban’s, class was canceled because the owner had arranged to have the floor done that day.

I’ve gotta say, this has done nothing to endear me to the new status quo at Esteban’s.

I do not know whether I would have gone out last night if it were not for Cindy. Since we had arranged to go together, I did not feel that I could back out on a whim. Ah, obligation. You succeeded in motivating me where so many other things failed.

I have been so sedentary lately.  It was obvious within a couple of dances that my stamina had shriveled like a raisin in the sun. Still, I was surprised to learn that I still remembered quite a number of moves and moved as smoothly as ever.

Cindy seemed to have fun. I hope that she will keep up with dancing. She could become quite good with some practice.

The picture is a shot that I snapped of Cindy as she danced.  I really love having a phone that actually can flash when it takes a photo.


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