almond butter and after shave

A brand new year. It still has that new year smell. What does a new year smell like? In this case, it smells like almond butter and after shave. I suppose that I should explain that.

Every autumn, I grow a van dyke goatee. It started while I was in my twenties. That was as much of a beard as I was physically able to grow. And for one reason or another, I would feel the urge to grow one in September or October depending on the weather.

Unfortunately, I get bored with a beard. Yes, I like the way that it looks. And yes, it keeps my face nice and warm in the Ohio/Chicago/mountains of New Mexico during the winter. But upkeep becomes a pain after a while. And I eventually find myself wondering “hey! What do I look like underneath the hair? I completely forget!” So, I shave it off. Sometimes for New Years. Sometimes for my birthday. Sometimes for Valentine’s Day. Once (and only once) it lasted until the first day of spring!

This year, I shaved it off at 12:01am on the first day of January.

And the almond butter? I’m experimenting in the kitchen again. I ground some almonds last night to make the aforementioned nut butter. It all started with a desire to make nutella and pad thai and snowballed from there. (Yes, I am aware that nutella is made with hazelnuts and that pad thai uses peanut butter. I already said that I am experimenting.


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