Another Chance To Make Things Right

2013 started a week ago, but I did not really say my goodbyes until now.

It was quite a year.

I’d be lying if I said it was wonderful. I would be just as wrong to focus only on the bad parts. But here is something true. A lot of the things that hurt me the most also forced me to make improvements to my life.

The death of my grandmother, my sister’s health problems, and other family issues forced me to change my spending habits.

A series of misadventures forced me to find a new apartment.

My own health issues forced me to be stricter about my diet.

Bad led to good.

Not all the positive changes from last year were initiated by pain and necessity. Some were just because I wanted to try something new.

I bought a banjo and began to learn how to play.

I took a course in trapeze and another in acrobatic yoga.

I went to particle accelerator school.

A lot happened in 2012. And I do not think that the changes are finished. 2013 will be eventful, of that I am certain.

In only a few days, I will have LASIK surgery. With luck, I will only need glasses for reading, if at all.

I’m going to try to go back to particle accelerator school. I want to earn my M.S. in Accelerator Physics.

I’m going to keep up with physical activity. Acrobatic yoga. Parkour. Capoeira. Trapeze. Maybe Aikido. I have to do this. Maybe not all of them. Just whatever is both interesting and feasible. But I am going to keep exercising, because I have seen the alternative. And though I am in better shape than I have been in before, I know what will happen if I slack off.

I’m going to keep trying new things. I’m going to keep pushing myself. I’m going to keep hoping for the best. I’m going to keep working for the best.

Basically, I’m going to be me. And I’m going to keep being me. I’m not going to stop doing the things that make me who I am. And I have learned a lot. Because I have made a lot of mistakes. But I’m not going to quit the things that I think I’m doing right. And I’m going to keep learning and hopefully tomorrow will be a little better than today.

That is my only resolution.

And I make it anew every day.


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