So far the hardest thing about LASIK is the fact that when I am sleepy, I have an urge to attempt to take contact lenses out of my eyes. Fortunately, I have not worn contacts in over a decade, so it is easy for me to remember that this action would have extraordinarily bad results.

Beyond this, I seem to be ok. My eyes are not very light sensitive. Driving at night has not been a problem. I feel little to no discomfort. Certainly it has never been worse than the feeling of an eyelash in my eye.

I continue to follow my doctor’s advice. Prescribed eye drops four times per day. Sunglasses when outside. Goggles when sleeping or napping. No swimming, hot tubs, jacuzzis or the like for two weeks. Do not rub eyes nor let children/pets near them. Liquid tears whenever the eyes feel dry, cloudy, or irritated.

I had LASIK done on my birthday, three days ago. I thunk that my next post will be about the actual experience of the operation. But for now all I can say is that the after affects seem fine.


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