are you pondering what i’m pondering?

It seems to me that many times that someone says that there are two types of people, they are over-generalizing; so I hesitate to say that. Instead, I will note that there is a tendency in US media to show a certain type of reaction, and that this reaction is contrary to the way that I act.

To be more specific, when I come across something that I like, I want to share. I want to tell people about it. I want the things that I like to become successful. This goes for art. Or music. Or food. Or books. Or movies. Or television shows. Or games. Or products. Or even people. If I like something (or someone) there really is no doubt, because I am telling the world how awesome I think they are.

If I have a scoop of ice cream, and I think it is the best ever, I will offer some to my friends. If I bought a new CD from someone that I adore (Marian Call is a perfect example), I’ll let my friends listen. Or point them to their website. Or sometimes even let them keep my copy while I buy myself a new one.

It is not like that in a lot of commercials, movies, or television shows.

The idea seems to be that if something is really good, people will keep it to themselves. They will act like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, calling out “mine” while holding the object of desire away from all comers.

Once, I bought an ice cream cone for my daughter. She was a toddler. It was a hot summer day, and she had asked very sweetly. She was very happy as she took a bite. I asked if I could have a bite. She said no.

My friends, who had watched the whole thing, said that if someone had been watching, it would have been a perfect ice cream commercial.

And I admit, it would have been cute. But what about all those times that someone shares something because it is wonderful?

For most of my life, I have collected stuff, but not from some dragonish hoarding instinct. I get stuff so that I can share it. I had a HUGE lending library filled with books, comics, CDs, and DVDs. And I would lend them at the drop of a hat. Sometimes things would not come back, and I comforted myself with the knowledge that they had found a home with someone who loved them. But most things were returned.

I had to severely cut down my possessions when I moved to a smaller apartment this past autumn. I own only a third of the books that I used to. And about 90% of the CDs & DVDs are gone. But to make sure that they would go to people who wanted them, I sold them to the local Half Price Bookstore.

Because good things are meant to be shared.


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