Cue Dramatic Music

I’ve been trying to learn to unicycle on and off for almost two years now. I was getting pretty close in my old place. There was a long hallway indoors where I could practice day or night. It Ra’s just etude enough that I could stretch my arms to their full length and only just touch either wall with maybe an inch of space for fingers of my other hand.

But then I moved. And my new place is nowhere near so unicycle friendly.

But I want to learn. And the weather has been beautiful. So today I tried along the sidewalk.

It has been six months since I unicycled on a regular basis. And even then I was not steady yet. So it is no surprise that I fell down. A lot. I’m not ready.

But I have made a decision. This is it. The last year. I am going to learn to ride this thing. No more excuses.

I will be able to ride down the sidewalk for an entire block unaided by the beginning of summer. And I will become a unicyclist by the end of the summer. I will be able to take it on the Metra with me and ride it in downtown Chicago.

I hear Edward James Olmos saying “so say we all.” I hear Don Quixote singing “this is my quest, to follow that star no matter how hopeless and no matter how far.” I hear Scarlet O’Hara saying that she will never be hungry again.

And I smile a little bit at comparing my silly little desire to be able to balance on one wheel with great moments in television, cinema, and musicals. But that is OK. It keeps me going. And as long as I don’t take myself too seriously, I think it will be OK.



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