Animal induced organization

On the one hand, I did not accomplish any of the things today that I told myself on Tuesday that I would do.

On the other hand, I paid the adoption fee for a cat and spent the majority of this evening trying to make my apartment a little less cluttered in preparation. I found a place for the kitty litter. And the food and water dishes. I bought a container to store the dry cat food and found a place for that as well. I even uncluttered enough to find space for the cat’s play tower/scratching post.

My apartment has not been this organized since I moved in!

All I need to do in order to make this place truly presentable to guests is to make another Goodwill donation run and buy a few more shelves.

I may not have practiced banjo, guitar, juggling, unicycling, harmonica, or yoga; but I feel pretty accomplished.


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