New Addition to the family


After an unbelievably long day, I came home to find this waiting for me.

As soon as I saw it in eBay, I knew that it would be mine. I was not going to have it “at any cost” or anything like that. Not was it a feeling of destiny. It was a calm certainty that life was going to work out this way.

Made from Hawaiian koa wood. A video showing the sound. Pictures from all angles. And a reasonable cost. Oh yes. I had to give it a go.

My father got me into the guitar when I was nine years old. I became better than him rapidly, though I did not keep going with it. It was never completely “my thing.” I liked the guitar, but I never completely clicked with it.

Then came my banjo last year. Love at first touch.

Meanwhile, Dad has become more serious with the guitar. He can play rings around me on that instrument.

And now I’m learning ukulele.

Dad is learning to do more and more with one type of instrument, while I am learning the basics of multiple.

Great. My approach to music is the inverse of mine to juggling.

In juggling, I prefer to learn lots of tricks with three objects. The other potential path is to learn to see how many objects you can juggle at once.

But perhaps it is not as different an impulse after all. It is not that I want to learn a record number of instruments. I just want to learn to do more with fretted stringed instruments. Different tunings. Different sounds. Different styles. So I explore.

Someday I want a tres cubano. And a mandobass or a mandello.

I have ideas.


I’m going to wind up with a room full of instruments just like my father, aren’t I?


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