It Might Be Time to Make Some Life Changes

So apparently if you are me, you live in a rather small apartment that does not get much airflow. Even with all of the windows open. Thus, you have become overly reliant upon fans when attempting to stay cool enough to sleep.

Also, apparently if you are me, you have no food in the apartment that can be eaten without cooking it first. And since you have been attempting to provide the occasional rodent intruder with as little potential provender as possible, you have come to rely on foods that can be stored in the refrigerator or in cans. Most of the latter need to be heated before consumption. 

Furthermore, if you are me, you have never finished unpacking certain items. The candles that are convenient for blackout situations, for example. Let us not forget that every form of entertainment in your apartment (if, once again, you are me) either relies upon electricity, or cannot be seen in the dark.

On the good side, if you are me you own a weather radio with a hand crank and LED flashlight. It also has a port with which one can temporarily charge devices which connect via USB. The handcranking is tedious, so it is not a viable option for fully charging a mobile phone (for example) but it will do in a pinch for an emergency.

And finally, if you are me, you would discover that your smartphone … your lifeline to friends, family, and the internet … your substitute alarm when necessary … your backup brain for important info … was at 13% power at the instant the blackout hit. 

And thus I sit here at work, dain bramaged from lack of sleep. My phone is charging at my desk. When I left the apartment this morning, power had not been restored.

And so I plot. And I plan. And I prepare for the inevitable. Because I never really stopped being a scout at heart.


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