Fever… but at least I’m not missing work

Lying in bed at my parents, too sick to move.

But some quick things.

Yes, I was at Fermilab last night. No, I didn’t see the magnet. I was busy working in the MCR. Sorry that I did not reply to people texting about meeting. Like I said, busy.

Left for Columbus right after work. But started feeling sick partway through the drive. Too late to turn around, so I made a lot of stops.

Ran errands immediately on getting here before my body said, “no more. Go to bed. NOW.”

Haven’t wished my aunt and cousin and friends a happy birthday yet. I hope they’ll understand.

On a different note, why is it that upon telling my family that I have a sore throat and do not wish to speak, I am bombarded by questions like, “what did you think about topic x?”

OK. Going to listen to my body now. Good night.

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