I recently spent some time in Columbus, OH with my family. It did not turn out as I hoped, but there were some good moments. Here is a slightly fictionalized version of one of my favorite parts. And when I say slightly fictionalized, I mean that I do not remember every exact word that people said, but the reactions, tone, and intent are true to the events that transpired.

Mom: So, JMS has been writing comic books lately?  What has Bruce Boxleitner been doing?

Me: I saw him at C2E2. He’s trying to start a steampunk series called Lantern City.

Mom: What’s steampunk?

Me: Remember when I was a boy and we used to watch “Wild Wild West” reruns on TV? Or how you liked that Jules Verne show on the SciFi Channel? It’s like that.

Mom: OH! Like those? Nineteenth century science fiction? I didn’t realize that there was a name for that. I would love steampunk!

Me: Yes, there are groups of people out there who like to make costumes and devices and …

Mom: Wait! Your father is an engineer!
She rushes off

I’m pretty sure that I can hear my father rolling his eyes in the other room.

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