State of the Owen Address

Been too busy to put up new stuff, but I have mastered: Down But Not Out Blues, Abilene, and House of the Rising Sun. I’m OK on Five String Boogie Woogie, Behind the Eight Ball Blues, The Entertainer, The Rainbow Connection, and Foggy Mountain Breakdown. And I’ve picked up the basics of El Cuarto de Tula. All of the above on Bess. Also, I’m pretty good at sight reading, but my improvisation needs serious work.

On the ukulele, Crazy is coming along and the Mission: Impossible theme sounds pretty good. Have a crazy idea of playing ukulele in clawhammer style. But considering that I’m not even good at doing that on the banjo, I doubt I’ll be mastering that on ukulele anytime soon.

On Dulcinea, 11:11 is recognizable, but not smooth. And Orion needs some work. It will be a long time before I can play Diablo Rojo in front of anyone. But I can still play Leyenda, and my Moonlight Sonata is not half bad.

As for the unicycle, I’ve been too exhausted to even attempt it. But maybe I’ll give it a try before work tonight. I’ve been getting too confident about myself anyway. Time to knock myself down a peg.

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