Reflection and Reeve

I do not know why this popped into my head, but on the drive home from work tonight I found myself thinking about when I graduated from college.

It was no exaggeration to say that my path to my degree was a bit circuitous. There are some who might consider that an understatement. To me at least, it felt as though I had accomplished the labors of Heracles combined with the battles in the Iliad and the adventures of Odysseus.

In 2001, I had hoped that I would graduate. 2001 would be a great year for graduation. It was the future! It was Arthur C Clarke! It was the first official year of the Twenty-first century! But it soon became obvious that this would not occur. My disappointment grew when I learned that the speaker was to be one if my personal favorite comedians, Bill Cosby.

In 2002, I again hoped that I would graduate. It was a palindrome year. It was Ohio’s two hundredth anniversary of statehood. It was still special. But I still was unable. Oh well, how could OSU follow up Bill Cosby, anyway?

Apparently with the sitting President of the United States, George W Bush. Politics aside, I felt it would have been an honor, and would have loved to have had him at my graduation ceremony. Alas, it was not to be.

It soon became obvious that I was going to graduate in 2003. It was going to happen, by hook or by crook. I was determined. I had finished every possible bit odd paperwork, dotted all the “i”s and crossed all the “t”s. But I was still a little disappointed that I had missed two such memorable graduation speakers. And then I heard.

The graduation speaker was to be Christopher Reeve. Superman, himself. In all honesty, there is quite possibly no one who would have been a more inspiring and meaningful speaker to me, personally.

I could write about the ceremony. I could write about the speech he gave. I could write about how it inspired me. But the truth is, that’s not what this post is about.

I was just thinking about how sometimes we are lucky enough to get things better than we dared hope. Certainly better than we deserve.

And I was thinking about how ten years ago, I would never have expected the life I currently lead. Like the graduation ceremony, it is better than I expected and certainly more than I deserve.

And I guess I’m kind of hoping that while I’ll do my best to take opportunities as they arise, that the things I cannot control will continue to lead to niftiness.

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