Should I Fill the Gaps?

There is a chance, a small chance, that I am not as much of a fool as I think I am. In fact, I might not be a complete fool; there is a possibility that my folly is incomplete.

Let me go back a bit.

This summer, I took a class for work at Particle Accelerator School. I was to learn Accelerator Physics using the mathematical program – Maple. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it pretty much shattered any self confidence that I used to possess.

But, because I am me, after class was over I decided to keep trying. I knew that I had not learned what I had set out to learn, so I kept at it.

One of the things we learned in class was to figure out the chromaticities induced by thin quadrupole magnets arranged in a FODO lattice. (If you do not understand that, do not worry. Just smile and nod for now. I can explain later if you wish.)

Anyway, I figured that the best way for me to learn would be for me to extrapolate from that and see whether it could be used to figure out the chromaticities induced by said magnets arranged in a FOFDOOD lattice. You see, we do have a synchrotron accelerator arranged with FODO (the Main Injector or MI), but we also have one arranged in a FOFDOOD (Booster). I was curious how that would change things.

Class let out at the beginning of July. It has taken me until now (about two and a half months) to come up with something that seems right. Today I talked to the man in charge of the Booster accelerator and asked him for some data so that I could compare my findings with reality.

We talked for a while and he seemed interested in my findings. He told me that what I had done had not been done before and that although my current setup would not be accurate, he gave me advice to help make it better. Furthermore, he would like to see what I come up with since it might be useful later!

Whoa! I was just trying to see if I understood things. I had no idea that I was trailblazing! Suddenly, I felt a small surge of …dare I say it? Pride!

Still, I probably should not have walked into the Main Control Room saying, “there are gaps in my foolishness!”


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