Wakanda Forever

Fantastic and thoughtful response to Black Panther. Spoilers within!

Black Light

We’ve (finally!) all seen Black Panther. It’s amazing. Below, some reflections (and some spoilers):

Lucianne: My new life metric: “How will this thing I am doing look on my visa application to Wakanda?” (Maybe Shuri needs a janitor for her lab?) I have been so excited to see Black Panther, I bought my tickets for opening night as soon as I could — then I realized that opening night here was also the night of the new moon, so I had literally been watching the phase of the Moon to count down to see this movie. Yes, I am ridiculous– but come on, it didn’t disappoint! There’s a lot I could say about the film, and honestly I think a lot of those musings have been written about more intelligently in Black writers’ think-pieces following the release, so I’ll spare you my armchair film review and speak to…

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4 responses to “Wakanda Forever

  1. John W. Davoll

    Have YOU seen it? Me, I still haven’t seen Ragnarok, so…

    • YES! I really enjoyed it.

      You do not need to have seen Ragnarok in order to see Black Panther. It is self contained. Everything you need to know is given to you. 🙂

      • John W. Davoll

        Oh I completely understand that it’s self-contained. It’s just that I’ve seen every MCU movie in order of release, and it feels weird at this point to see them out of order. 😁

  2. I am glad Winter Soldier/Bucky has a happy ending. He’s one of my favorite marvel characters. When Black Panther offered to keep him safe at the end of Civil War, that was what endeared me to his character.
    Otherwise, Black Panther was a character that I didn’t know that much about.

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