playing adult

I’m feeling all responsible this week. Bought a new vaccuum cleaner to clean my apartment. I’ve been driving at lower speeds to lower my fuel consumption. I’ve changed the pay dates of some of my bills so that I will no longer be scrambling like mad at the end of the month. It has been months since I gave up caffeine and I am severely limiting my sweets as well. I fixed my paycheck so that I am automatically donating every week to some of my favorite charities. Yesiree! I’m almost OK at this adulthood thing.

This is the part where I am supposed to wait for the other shoe to drop. But you know what, I think that instead I shall try to remember that sure. Things go wrong. But I’m doing my best and I think that even if I am not prepared for the worst at the moment, I have a better chance of being prepared in the future if I keep this up.

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